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high quality shipmodelling
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With wooden hull pre-shaped
all laser cut

Besides its normal commercial activity, our firm has established a "Naval Modelling Department" for the production of period ship kits. The models presented, which from the structural point of view are of an extremely advanced conception, are the logical continuation of a line begun more than 20 years ago by the designer Luigi Volonté, whose long experience allowed him to personally set up and follow a production, which we regard as one of the best, both for the facility of construction and the clearness of the plans, which are full of perspective drawings and fully described in four languages. Of course all the materials are completely cut and a lot of the most significant accessories has been studied expressly for each single model, in order to stick strictly to the original. It is useless to say that plastic or plastic wooden parts or decorations of blanked sheet, materials which are not suitable for the true naval modelling, even if executed from kits, have been avoided. Therefore noble woods of various sorts have been used, double planking, molten decorations, but most of all an original system which makes the opening of the gun ports extremely easy and allows not only perfect squaring and alignment of them but also the possibility of locating the guns complete with gun-carriages on the lower deck too. In planning some models we have for the first time introduced a new sheathing process of the bottom of the hull with plates in imitation copper, reflecting thoroughly the constructive schemes of the original. Of course our kits are complete with all the materials necessary to built a first-rate model and, above all, with a little good will and a little more patience the modeller won’t run the risk of becoming discouraged and leaving the model half-done

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