MM 15  PINTA caravella

Sc. 1:106 L. 300 mm. H. 245 mm.


Third ship of Columbu’s expedition, Pinta was a square sails caravel. The sails consisted of a square foresail and great mainsail, while the mizzenmast, supported a long yard for lateen triangular sail. It had a poop quarterdeck and, unlike the sister-ship Nina, also forecastle. The Pinta was the fastest of the three ships, confirming the logbooks, which indicated that this caravel was during the voyage often ahead of the two other ships.
MM 16   NINA caravella
Sc. 1:106 L. 235 mm. H. 285 mm.


Nina was a classic caravel with pure latten rigging, with hanging sails in the middle point of the lateen yard and with shrouds hooked to ship’s broadside. It had no forecastle and it had a small quarter-deck. Christopher Columbus, S. Mary’s captain in the first historical expedition. Took the next Atlantic passage with Nina, which had a particularly strong construction, but with reduced length (a little shorter than 20 meters) at the mercy of the waves.

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