MM 60  Black Queen brig

Sc. 1:135 L. 335 mm. H. 230 mm.

Many stories and legends tell about great sea battles during 17° and 18° centuries. But they tell a little bit about a mysterious ship named “Black Queen”. It was commanded at a very dreaded English pirate, with an unknown name perhaps. Morgan? The Blind Willy? His name darkened from deadly charisma of ship “Black Queen”, really terror of seas. Its booties? Ships with arms, treasures and supply. Up to today there are no information of the wreckage  if it was really sunk.

MM 61   CATALINA chiatta
Sc. 1:55 L. 320 mm. H. 265 mm.

The first Lemmer barges were built in 1876 in the shipyard "Gebr. De Boer" in Lemmer, Friesland. The Lemster barge originally was a fishing vessel for use on the Northern part of the then still open Zuiderzee, where during wind against tide often very foul seas developed. Therefore the ship was designed to be very seaworthy and she had very good sailing capabilities. These properties and her flowing lines make the Lemster barge one of the best and beautiful Dutch round sailing yachts.

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