Sc. 1:32 L. 220 mm. H. 36 mm.


We named Mediterraneo our Gozzo because it reassumes the shape of a very popular boat in our seas. Every provinces faces the sea, it has a Gozzo with a traditional drawing with 2000 years of history. The sheer, the high prow and solid construction give to these hulls very sure and sea and sail with every atmospheric condition.
Sc. 1:87 L. 233 mm. H. 115 mm.


Towboats, like the Taurus, were a familiar sight in every American harbor and navigable tidal flat at the turn of the century. Until they were in function, they pulled large liners and pushed heavy barges with ease. During the 1930s, steam engines lost ground to Diesel propulsion, and by the 1960s the steam units were all but gone. A few steam tugs survive today as museum relics.

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