Sc. 1:72 L. 290 mm. H. 198 mm.

The origin of the Leudo are rather uncertain. According to suppositions probably having a content of truth, the Leudo comes from a type of medieval boat with two masts inclined towards the prow with lateen sails. It should afterwards have lost the foremast, replaced by a bowsprit with jibs, making the manoeuvres easier. The hull has a characteristic egg shape with a very accentuated bending weather conditions, unbearable even for stronger hulls. It was a cargo concerns - hardware - agricultural tools - hand-manufactured goods and cloths in the Mediterranean Sea.

Sc.1:135 L. 300mm. H.240 mm.

Elisabeth was a british schooner launched in the twenty years. It was present to some regatta in Europe and its tapered line allowed to have always good results also in "rough" sea.

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