MM 5   CAPITAN MORGAN brigantino
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Sc. 1:135 L. 300 mm. H. 240 mm.

It was the typical brick of the XVII century, whose name derived from the most famous pirate: Captain Henry Morgan, who, with the Jamaican buccaneers took part in the various expeditions against the Spaniards in the Antilles distinguishing himself by his courage. He was then appointed Commander-in-chief of the English navy in the Antilles and, granted the title of Lord Vaughan, he became vice-governor of Jamaica.
MM 6   FLYING FISH goletta
Sc. 1:100 L. 397 mm. H. 298 mm.

The Flying Fish, launched in the half of 1800, was a fishing schooner with a shooting building and a great surface of sails. For this reason, it was a model for ship builder of those years.
For a long time Flying Fish was one of the most fast ships, and it became an excellent source of profit for its ship owners. They were able to out vie the competitors with transport quickness.

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