MM 7   Gozzo Mediterraneo a vela latina

Sc. 1:28 L. 285 mm. H. 260 mm.

We named Mediterraneo our Gozzo with lateen sail because it reassumes the shape of a very popular boat in our seas. Every province faces the sea, it has a Gozzo with a traditional drawing with 2000 years of history. The sheer, the high prow and solid construction give to these hulls very sufe and "sea" and sail with every atmospheric condition.
MM 8   CUTTY SARK clipper
Sc. 1:240 L. 358 mm. H. 217 mm.

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The Cutty Sark is a true cathedral on the water with a surface of sails of about 2.972 square meters. It had been launched in 1869. It is the only clipper remained intact until the present time. It has been preserved in a dock at Greenwich in England as a Naval floating museum.

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