MV 31
constitution.jpg (10580 bytes)
54 gun United States frigate 1797
(Sc. 1:93 L. 973 mm. H. 667 mm.)

U.S.S. Constitution, American frigate with 54 guns, was launched on 21st of October 1797. It had bigger dimensions, sails and equipment than the contemporary ships of the same class. Its strong construction earned it’s the name of “Old Ironsides”. It was protagonist of various episodes of naval battles, the most famous of which was the victory over the English frigate “Guerriere” on the 19th August 1812, during the war against Great Britain. It was afterwards transformed into a training-ship and underwent various modifications. At present, anchored in the Navy’s shipyard of Boston, it is used as a naval museum. In this model we employed the usual metal port-holes allowing a perfect copy of the openings for the guns without boring the planking. The bottom of the hull is sheathed with plates, as in the original, giving the model a highly realistic look.