MV 38

French lugger – 1776
(Sc. 1:54 L. 820 mm. H. 650 mm.)

The lugger was a kind of ship used by the French pirates of the Revolution and of the Empire. It is a type of ship equipped as a “bragozzo”, with 3 masts, a very long bowsprit, several jibs, topsails and some foretopsails. It was built by the Denys de Dunkerque and launched in 1776. The career of this ship was short because it was captured by the English on 17th June 1778 during a battle, reminded famous, between the frigate La Belle Poule and the frigate Arethusa. After two hours’ battle and a vain attempt of boarding, shot a dozen times at the water line, with 3 men dead and 7 mortally wounded, it surrenders. The destiny of the ship after it was captured by the English is badly known. Was it taken back by the French in 1782 as stated by some authors? Was it captured by the Americans off Terranova in 1780?