MV 40

First rate French vessel - 1780
(Sc. 1:90 L. 1080 mm. H. 830 mm.)

The Royal Louis was a 3-deck vessel with 120 guns. Its captain was a Squadron Admiral. It was one of the most powerful first-rank vessels belonging to the French Royal Navy at the time. Our model represents the Royal Louis according to the plans of 1779, when it was admiral-ship of the blue and white Squadron, being part of the American Squadron, also called Earl Estaing’s. Our kit is particularly rich in accessories and decorations. Whoever knows how complex are the deck’s superstructures of this ship, can easily understand the problems we had to solve in order not to alter the real image. The several molten decorations of the transom are made precious by veneer insertions of precious wood. Thanks to the particular structure of the ship, the reproduction accuracy is such that, through a window of the stern balconies, it is possible to catch a glimpse of the complete inside deck’s dressing.