MV 58

XVIII century British frigate
(Sc. 1:75 L. 844 mm. H. 627 mm.)

The ship is really existed.
It was a French sloop with 24 canons ,“ L’Unité”. In 1796 it was captured from English ship “ H.M.S. Inconstant”. It was changed and it joined to the Britannic navy as a frigate with 32 canons.
In 1799 it became famous when, with a surprise action, it boarded  and it conducted the HMS Hermione sloop in English seas. The Hermione crew was raised in army.
Mamoli model is in scale 1:75 with a length of 84 cm. ( included bowsprit).
It has 26 cannons at below deck, 6 canons and 2 carronades on the deck and on the quarterdeck.